7-Eleven Philippines

Our Stakeholders

PSC work together with the stakeholders in developing governance programs. It takes measures to preserve and protect their rights as mandated by relevant laws and internal policies.


To maintain customer loyalty and retention, PSC focuses on its customers by providing excellent customer service. It also continues to improve the quality of products by providing a variety of its offerings to meet consumer demands. It constantly innovates its in-house brands and products to cater the needs and wants of consumers by taking into consideration the season when to offer.

Thus, PSC is committed to think of ways to serve its customers and keep them happy, 24/7 everyday. For 2017, new meal products were introduced such as Pork Sisig on Sinigang Rice, Sisig with Egg Roll and Burger Patty Busog Meals, Pinoy BBQ Big Time Meal, Ginisang Mongo for HottaRice, Tuna Siomai and no meat Siopao of 7-Fresh.

PSC also launched its 7-Eleven’s parcel delivery service CliQQ Express. Through this, customer can ship their packages at a time that’s most convenient for them.
For the year 2017, PSC Stores in Cebu and Iloilo became the recipient of the Department of Trade & Industry’s (DTI) Golden Seal “Bagwis” Awards and in General Santos for Silver Award. DTI Bagwis is a “Certified Establishment Program (Bagwis Awards) that aims to promote and foster the highest level of business ethics and uphold a fair and honest marketplace through voluntary self-regulation and service excellence.

Customer concerns are also address through PSC’s customer service hotline which is open for 24 hours or through the PSC website 7-eleven-old.qairos.asia/customer-care where customers can relay their questions, concerns or comments by filling-out the form provided. Customers may also e-mail customercare@7-eleven.com.ph to relay their concerns.

PSC policy on rendering customer service requires all store employees to provide customer service based on the standards set in the store operations manual. The policy provides for sanction and disciplinary actions in case an employee does not comply with the requirements in the manual.


Acknowledging the role of creditors in the growth and development of PSC, the Company and its employees are required to equip themselves with integrity in all their business dealings as provided in The Code of Conduct and Business Ethics and Core Values.  With utmost respect to the rights of its creditors, PSC upholds transparency in all its disclosures and gives full compliance with all agreements.

PSC maintains a credit line with banks and suppliers which we do not fully utilize as our Capital Expenditure (CAPEX) is supported mainly through internally generated funds.

To further protect its creditors, PSC also maintains transparency regarding its corporate acts through timely disclosures to regulatory bodies. Through its Reportorial Compliance Policy which took effect last January 1, 2014, PSC ensures that reportorial compliance reports required by the Securities and Exchange Commission, Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) and other regulatory agencies are submitted on time for eventual disclosure for the benefit of the investing public. It establishes among others a mechanism for close coordination between concerned departments in the preparation, publication and submission of the said reports and other disclosures of vital corporate information.


PSC gives high importance towards its relationship to its business partners.  Through their good practices in business dealings, the company was able to expand and continuously expanding around the country.

PSC takes into consideration the legality of their suppliers and other trading counterparts in accordance to the policy guidelines of the company.  To ensure that only best and quality products are offered, it regularly undergoes quality assessment.  Standard selection processes is implemented to determine that all parties blend with their strategic goals and objectives such as accreditation which is valid for 1 year.


Employees can protect their individual rights and interest as well as those of the Company as governed by the Employees Code of Discipline relating to their job conduct.  Violations thereof shall be dealt accordingly.  In addition, a Whistle Blowing Policy was created as a channel to report incidences of misconduct which could lead to future damages of the company.  Investigation shall commence to validate its authenticity.

The Community

To support PSC’s corporate social responsibility programs, the company established PhilSeven Foundation, Inc. (PFI) as part of PSC’s corporate culture once the company achieved its accounting profitability in 1989.  PFI’s initial beneficiaries were barangays in which stores were located.

Current PFI Projects

PSC, through PFI, shall continue to support local communities as it moves from projects on corporate social responsibility to creating shared value with local communities. To know more about PFI’s activities, please refer to the Corporate Social Responsibility page and their website http://www.philseven.com.

Anti-Corruption Programs and Procedures

As a signatory of Integrity Initiative, PSC is dedicated to lead by example to operate its business ethically, creating a business environment with integrity as an affirmation to its Core Values. Thus, PSC is committed in strengthening its Anti-Corruption Programs.  As provided by the Code of Conduct and Business Ethics, every employee must uphold the company’s interest at all times.  The Company established a policy and procedure in maintaining a fair and equitable treatment when employing relatives to prevent conflict of interest in decision-making.  They are likewise prohibited from engaging in activities such as soliciting and accepting gifts, cash or any of its equivalent from vendors, suppliers, contractors or any third party.  Moreover, it is mandated by the Company to uphold one’s integrity in all dealings with government agencies, contractors and suppliers.

A Whistleblowing page has also been created as a channel for reporting incidences of misconduct or corrupt practices which is available in the Company’s website.


To minimize its environmental footprint, PSC has taken steps to employ materials and equipment contributing to energy conservation, water and waste disposal management.  The 7-Eleven Stores use combination of T5 & T8 LED lights and inverter airconditioning units. The stores turn off lights of its signages at 6AM and turned on automatically by sensors at 6PM.  Aircon units are pre-set at 24-25 Celcius and only 1 of the 2 units are operating during graveyard shift.  It also collaborates with utilities providers for downgrading of capacity to achieve better energy efficiency based on store requirements.  Water provided for its Postmix and bubbler products are filtered using UltraViolet (UV) Water Purification Systems to ensure that the water used for its products are clean and safe.  The store has a target minimum power and water consumption KPI to incentivize the personnel to practice conservation.

Compliant with regulations, PSC uses paper bags and biodegradable plastics as containers for items that customers purchase from the store. In addition, the containers of its food are made of food grade plastics and biodegradable materials. PSC also encourages segregation of waste as biodegradable and non-biodegradable by providing labeled trash bins.

PSC also has a non-smoking policy and posted “No Smoking” sign inside the stores to ensure air quality within its premises. In 2017, PSC also fully complied with the requirements of EO 26 and extended its non-smoking policy to outside its premises as defined by the EO and have posted “ No Smoking” sign outside of the store and also removed all cigarette trash receptacles outside of its stores.

PSC has also been active in its global environment campaign through its CSR arm, PhilSeven Foundation Inc. (PFI). In 2018, PFI cooperated with Philippine Business for Social Progress to hold simultaneous tree planting activities in Manila. This project aims both reforestation and livelihood, in support of PSC’s “Go Green” Initiative. The stores also participates in “Earth Hour” and turns off its signage lights for 1 hour.  Other environmental and social programs of PSC are discussed under its CSR to the community, and interactions with stakeholders.

PSC is always engaging awareness during national elections. It has been running for the past 2 national elections its “Gulp” drinks promotion entitled “7-Election”.  This campaign (which received 4 awards from various advertising award entities) promotes awareness of the Philippine Presidential Elections by allowing customers to choose, from the specially-designed GULP cups featuring the presidential candidates, their choice. Through this campaign, we were able to engage and bring the community together, with a total of 2.79 million Gulp drinks as votes cast.

Amidst the changes brought about by the new policies on labor and employment set by the present administration, PSC was granted Certificate of Compliance for General Labor Standards and Occupational Safety and Health Standards by the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) last October 2016. The COC signifies PSC’s continuing compliance with requirements set by law for its workforce.